We did a lot of hand-printing(?) this week, and here’s the picture i made most of! And its original sketch!

Hello hi! Just a quick question if you dont mind, which pens do you use to line your traditional artwork?
August 24th 2014, 5:35:00 pm · 21 days ago

So I saw your drawings and I was curious on what you use to outline them? :o I normally use sharpie but I’m thinking of expanding on my outlining materials~

I’ll answer this openly, since some poeple ask! The thing is that I usually just takes whatever is lying around, or grab something from my parents workspace… but I have a few favorites:

Pilot v5 hi-tecpint for normal thin lines, Pilot V Signpen for thicker lines/fill ins with a little dynamic, 2,5 manuscript Italic M for dynamics. otherwise it’s just regular pens or pencils.

Just some witches and people…. I made a traditional version of tjat first page first!

Sometimes i just need jeanmarco to get out of an artblock!

Sometimes i just need jeanmarco to get out of an artblock!

I’m going to post some sketchbook things!

I’m going to post some sketchbook things!

Some croquis and some cowquis!!

Free! reactions!

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in that daisuga drawing with suga having the crow did you mean hooded crow?

It seems like I did! In sweden, that’s the only crow we have, but now when I google it I get the grey/black one, so that has to be it! Thanks Anon!

Hello, If I don't bother you... Could you tell me how old are you and what are you studying? Because I think that you are very talented and I really impress with the things that you do. Thank you :)

Thank you! I’m 18 years old, soon to be 19, and I have studied art for… three weeks now! But before that I studied nature science, math and physics, in high school. You can read most of these things in my f.a.q. c:

My two first oil painting assignments! ;u; so far I love painting!